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Virtual therapy & coaching for women & couples experiencing miscarriage or infertility

You deserve support on this challenging journey.
We'll match you with a Goodnatal therapist or coach who truly understands.

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Our therapy & coaching sessions can help support you through:

Miscarriage & Loss


Pregnancy After Loss

Anxiety & Depression

Trying to Conceive

Sadness & Grief

Anger & Jealousy

Traumatic Birth

PTSD Symptoms

How it works:

Sessions are led by therapists & coaches specialized in miscarriage and infertility. We offer one-on-one sessions as well as couples sessions.

Step 1: Complete Intake

After you signup for a session, we'll have you complete in intake form to help us get a deep understanding of your situation, needs, and how we can best help.

Step 2: Free 15-Minute Consult

After signing up, you'll also schedule a free 15-minute intro call with a Goodnatal Care Coordinator to discuss your needs, preferences, match you with the best therapist or coach for you, and book your first session.

Step 3: Attend Your Session

Next, it's time for your first 50-minute session! Most people attend 6-10 sessions to accomplish their healing goals, but your therapist or coach can help you determine what is best for your needs.

Get the support you deserve on your journey.

1-on-1 Session

$150 / SESSION
50-minute one-on-one session
Match with the right licensed therapist or coach for you
Sessions held online through a secure and user-friendly platform

Couples Session

$169 / SESSION
50-minute couples session
Match with the right licensed therapist or coach for you
Sessions held online through a secure and user-friendly platform
how it works

Get the support & mentorship you need on your journey

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Complete the Questionnaire

To get started, fill out a quick questionnaire to share where you are on your journey. This will help us understand your needs so we can offer the best possible resources to support you.

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Join the Community

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive an invitation to join the Goodnatal private community.

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Ongoing Support System

Once inside the group, you’ll have access to peers who are on a similar journey, as well as mentors who have been through this process and are here to help guide you. You’ll also receive free resources to help speed up your journey to a successful pregnancy.

Book an appointment

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Meet your support team

Each of our therapists & coaches have been vetted and hand-selected for their in-depth experiencing helping women through pregnancy loss and infertility.
Dr. Sheanor Ishmael
Dr. Shaenor Ishmael
Therapist SERVING FL
Ph.D., MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Dr. Shaenor has over ten years of experience in the field of Social Work. She is a passionate maternal mental health therapist specializing in supporting the emotional well-being of individuals during the perinatal period (before, during, and after pregnancy), and supporting those experiencing loss and infertility. 

Alisha Bowker LCSW
Alisha Bowker
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Alisha has over 12 years of social work experience. She has expertise in both trauma and perinatal mood disorders, specifically focusing on infertility, pregnancy loss and infant loss, postpartum anxiety/depression, and the challenges of pregnancy and new parenthood.
Molly Schoener Life Coach
Molly Schoener
Integrative Life Coach
Molly Schoener specializes in coaching women through infertility, loss, pregnancy, and postpartum. She personally experienced many years of infertility, ART, pregnancy complications, a traumatic birth, postpartum anxiety, and a NICU stay. She has a passion for helping others with the pain, grief and loss that can accompany the journey to parenthood. 
Abi Barnett therapist
Abi Barnett
M.S., Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
Abi is passionate about working with women experiencing infertility and pregnancy loss. She has struggled with both personally and spent years on her journey to motherhood. At the core of her approach is the belief that everyone has a unique story and that sharing yours is an essential part of the healing process.  


How are these sessions structured?

Session lasts 50 minutes. Each therapist and coach has their own unique toolbox to of therapies and techniques, and each sessions will be customized based on your current needs and goals.

How do I join a session and what tech will I need?

Joining a session is easy. We will sent an invite for a Zoom call which you can attend from the comfort and privacy of your home. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device with audio and video capabilities.

How do you ensure privacy and confidentiality within the group?

Your privacy is our priority. Our sessions are conducted on a secure online platform, where no recording is allowed.

Do you accept insurance?

At this time, our therapy and coaching are out-of-pocket only; however, the cost of services compares to the co-pays of many insurance plans.

How do I choose a therapist or coach?

After you complete your intake, we will meet with you on a free 15-minute call to discuss your preferences, goals, and needs, and we will match you to the therapist or coach who best fits.

What's the difference between a coach and therapist?

Therapists are licenses in specific states and have completed training to receive their qualifications. Our coaches have also received training to gain certificiations.


Sign up for a complementary 15-minute consult to find out if our therapy and coaching options are right for you: