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My doctor said there’s a 50% chance they’ll find no reason for my losses.
My specialist ran a recurrent loss panel and all tests came back normal. Now what?
I’m so frustrated with doctors. I feel like with all the research I’ve done, I know more than most of them.
My doctors are dismissing my request for more testing. I feel like they’re not taking me seriously.
The doctor’s office is making me jump through hoops to get my results and I can’t even get them to respond to my calls or messages. Why is this so hard?!
The doctor told me the miscarriages were “flukes” and to “just try again.” Something is obviously wrong!
I’m scared to try again without answers and a different treatment plan.
My specialist wants us to do IVF… but it doesn’t make sense because I am getting pregnant, I just can’t stay pregnant.
Working with fertility specialists is so expensive and I feel like I’m not getting answers.

Been there, too?

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Skip long wait times and vague, dismissive doctor appointments

Our empathetic fertility experts have a deep understanding of recurrent pregnancy loss. We look at your health holistically to get the entire picture and find answers.

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Ongoing Support System

Get group and one-on-one therapy to guide you through the difficult moments. Message your care team with any questions throughout your journey.

Plus, you’ll receive peer support from our community of women at a similar stage of their journey who truly understand what you’re going through.

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Testing & Discovery

With our in-depth intake, our doctor will review your health from a holistic perspective, identifying every possible area of exploration. You will receive a list of recommended deep-dive lab tests, which we’ll send to a lab facility convenient for you.

Once your results are in, you’ll receive a report that clearly explains each result, what it means, and how it relates to your fertility.

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Personalized Treatment Plan


Upon analyzing your lab results, our fertility experts will curate a holistic Treatment Plan just for you. This comprehensive roadmap provides clear steps and solutions, eliminating the guesswork. 

Plus, our doctors can order medications for you directly (if required).

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Reimagine your journey to parenthood

Instead of waiting and worrying, we partner with you to take action and create a plan that feels right for you. 

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Embarking on the path to getting answers after pregnancy loss traditionally means countless visits to your OB/GYN, waiting weeks or even months for referrals to a specialist, and then more waiting for rounds of lab testing. We’re often left feeling out of control and at the mercy of a system that operates on its own timeline, not ours.

At Goodnatal, we believe your path to a successful pregnancy should be as swift, clear, and empathetic as possible. With our approach, you're not just a patient in a system; you're an empowered participant in your own fertility journey.

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Memberships made to support your journey

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Support Premium

$249 / month
1 monthly 50-minute one-on-one therapy session (with the option to add more)
Access to deep-dive lab test ordering
Sessions held online through a secure and user-friendly platform
Private chat support group access

Go deeper with one-on-one therapy sessions

With our one-on-one therapy, you'll receive a 50-minute one-on-one call with one of our licensed therapists or coaches. Each therapist is vetted and hand-selected for their in-depth experiencing helping women through miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

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Meet our experts

Dr. Sheanor Ishmael
Shaenor Ishmael, Ph.D.,
Abi Barnett therapist
Abi Barnett, RMHI
Edward Callahan MD
Edward Callahan, MD
Alisha Bowker LCSW
Alisha Bowker, LCSW

Connect with women on a similar journey & get the support you're looking for

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Why Goodnatal?

Accelerate your path to success
Peer support & professional therapy to ease your journey
Access to deep-dive lab testing in days, not weeks
Actionable plan and protocol for your fertility journey
Easy, secure, and personalized recommendations
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